The impact of social media on society.

Social networking has become a main part of our lives because people involved in it can obtain different kind of answers for many needs and restlessness, and they can analyze some problems that can be found in real life. It is an open system, permanently developed, that involves groups of people with common interests and allows them to organize themselves in order to satisfy their concerns.

Social networks on the internet appeared approximately between 2001 and 2002, beginning with social circles to meet friends. After that, this kind of networks became very popular for contacting new people with common interests to the users. The main advantage of these sites is that when someone logs in, the network begins to grow because many people will do it too in order to follow the first user.

The more people the network has, the more information is shared in an easier way. Considering this last part, we could assure that with the use of social media many commercial communities have been built, where a product or service is exposed to the people and in this way the product could be employed when it will be required. At this moment, in many countries, social media is a way to organize people with common interests. In many countries, social media have been very useful to display advertisements about local business, political candidacies, worldwide news, personal interest information, entertainment news etc.

For example, in 2008, Obama made 5 millions “friends” on approximately 15 social networking sites (3 million friends on facebook) and posted 2,000 you tube videos watched around 80 million times. MyBarackObama had 8.5 million of visitors and made 400,000 blogs. To obtain more popularity Obama spent $3.5 million on google search, $467,000 on facebook , $600,000 on and actually Obama has around 14,285,000 followers on Twitter. This substantially could contribute to win his election as a president.

In Mexican practice, social media has even been used to warn people about events of low self-safety. For example, in Monterrey city, people on the streets send many alerts by twitter or facebook about local disturbs such as shootings, robberies, drug dealer attacks, etc.

In recent times, social networks have been absolutely relevant for first hand information for example in the case of earthquakes around the world and mainly in Mexico were everyone announces what is happening in real time. The “Servicio Sismológico de México” emits reports in real time of the earthquakes with the basic information of intensity of the movement, the origin, the coordinates, the exact hour and whether there will be an aftershock. Even the President of the Mexican Republic, as well as most governors of different states from Baja California to Quintana Roo used Twitter to report the damages caused by these natural catastrophes.

The negative side of social media is, as many authors say, that the time spent online reduces the amount of time spent on important face-to-face relationships. The internet fosters mostly shallow relationships. The act of leveraging the internet to engage in social connection exposes private information. The internet allows people to isolate themselves, and it is being used to promote intolerance. At this moment, it is very common to find people spending many hours of their day chatting with people from another place, but when the person whom you are talking to is unknown, it could be a risk for your integrity if your personal information is shared. In the most common case you won’t know the other person ever, but in case that you wish to make personal the interaction with your new “friend” there is a high probability that the other person won’t be sincere with you, and in many cases, the other people could be dangerous in case they intend to cause any damage to you.


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9 Comments on “The impact of social media on society.”

  1. Lizeth Gómez says:

    For more than 10 years, social media have not only change our relationships, but this has also lead to a change on our lifestyles. Now to meet or to get to “know” someone you can just facebook him/her or look for them on the web. Of course this doesn’t mean that whatever is on the web about them is true but is very factible that you will believe some parts. Also as you said above, there are fewer people outside getting to know each other and more people stuck on their computers, your lifestyle completely changes, these people start loosing some of the habilities of social communication with the rest of the world that is not on the web, health problems can also arise, you no longer go outside or move, your bound to get some sort of health issue. I think social media has made so many things more easy, but this will only be beneficial as long as you know how to use them and how many time you spend on this activity.

  2. Grissel Vazquez says:

    Social media has helped to many people can communicate easier than years ago in real time. It has a big impact on our society because this new “community” is growing faster and faster with the wi-fi connections in many public places and smartphones you can connect to internet almost anywhere.

    Since social media is becoming more important many companies use it for advertise their products and services. Politicians use it also, they want to promote their campaigns in all media possible incluiding online sites, such as facebook, twitter, youtube, just to mention some.

    I think social media has changed the way we interact with others and how we create new relations. When my parents were young and meet someone they first ask for their telephone number, few years ago when my generation met someone we asked for their e-mail so we can chat using “Messenger”, now when we meet someone the first thing we ask is ” how I will find you in facebook?” and add a person in someone is, literally, know everything about him/her because you can see his friends, his picturess,the places he goes, where he lives….so if you accept someone who you don’t know it will be very dangerous because you are giving all the information for free.

  3. Mariana Hernandez says:

    I believe this is a very interesting article because it makes us reflect on the impact the social media has on us and on our closer society. I think as well as there are negative impacts of social media there are positive impacts, and I consider the latter to be more. Social media is part of the evolution of humankind, unfortunately not all people have access to it, but the ones who have are changing our way of understanding the world.

    The fact that interaction face-to-face is vanishing, to me is not such a problem because this new type of interaction could not be like this because it is meant to more than one people, so you would need a crowd to comment and there would be no interaction. From my perspective the sharing of information and the lacking of face-to-face interaction is due to the fact that we do not share the same information, feelings, words…when we see the face of the other…

  4. Carolina Treviño says:

    The impact of social networks lately have had both good and bad consequences. Beginning with the advantages of using social networks is that has allowed people to communicate in an easy way. With different social media platforms, the information may be shared at the right time the events occur and people get to know important news from different parts of the world, or what their friends are doing, or what is happening in their city.
    The disadvantages that has had the use of social networks is that people are immersed in this new virtual world and real life has been neglected, with this i mean that people forget to keep in touch with the people around them. The time people spend on social networks is a lot and it becomes kind of addictive. Now that people bring cell phones, they have access to social networks and has become a habit to be in constant monitoring of new information. At the same time, social networks gives you the opportunity of making new friends. This is a matter of caution because we can not trust people who do not physically know. With this approach there may take advantage of your personal information for bad purposes.

  5. ricardo rangel melendez says:

    i think that social networking is a big important things now days for the people that use internet. Social networking allow to contact people around the world that has the same interest than you, also a friend who has a lot time contact him. the goverment use the social networking to invite the poeple to vote for them and send their proposals.

    For example, in 2008, Obama made 5 millions “friends” on approximately 15 social networking sites (3 million friends on facebook) and posted 2,000 you tube videos watched around 80 million times. MyBarackObama had 8.5 million of visitors and made 400,000 blogs.

    the bad thing of the social networking is that you not have now contact face to face and you lose this part of the relationsip and feeling with the persons. Also the information that you share can be very dangerous, in now days exist a people who are kidnapp based on the information that you share.

  6. alcides says:

    Today social networks have become an indispensable tool, due to the multifunctionality that have reached the media, where users can use it for their own interests, using their power of social desirability. Among the most common activities performed in the network are purchases, sales, job search, maintain a forum for discussion, promotion and interaction. One advantage is the portability of today these networks anywhere through mobile devices and most importantly, these platforms are free.
    However, the loss of privacy is one of the consequences of this phenomenon, there are things from my point of view need not be proven, although many young people do not conceive it. In Mexico and many parts of the criminal organizations also use these means to study people who could be your next victimasen the future this phenomenon could have serious repercussions on individuals, companies and entire countries worse.

  7. Beatriz Adriana Martínez Martínez says:

    This article presents opposing points of social networks. I believe that there will always be the positive side and the negative side of all things but we should take advantage of all the good things that has brought the social impact of media on society. We have easy access to information, we can communicate quickly to anywhere in the world, companies can promote low-cost services or products, etc. I only can recommend you be careful of the things you post about your personal life and be sure that the links you visit are reliable and continues taking advantage of all that social media give us and help us every day.

  8. Eunice Mendoza says:

    Like the post said, social media has really come to change the way people interact with each other, mostly thanks to the whole smartphone advent. I think most of the people I know have smartphones and they have them linked to Facebook, Twitter or both. When smartphones didn’t exist, reunions and parties were social scenarios for people to actually interact face to face, talk about their interests and discuss situations; now, whenever I’m with my friends in a reunion, most of them (and yes, sometimes even I) are checking something out in our smartphones; we go as far as to start conversations via Blackberry Messenger with the person who is right in front of us! I don’t even text now and, like me, hundreds of people use Facebook to plan things, wether to plan the next party or to discuss stuff like which teammate does what for a school project. Before the whole social media boom, people actually sent invitations for birthdays and stuff, now all they do is create an event on Facebook and wait for everyone to RSVP. Social media has become such an everyday thing, that when, say, you write an inbox or on someone’s wall and that person doesn’t immediately replies, then you start to freak out, because we’ve become so used to the easy-to-reach aspect of social medias.

    Personally, I am aware of the huge and time-wasting impact social media has on my life, but I really can’t imagine a day without going on Facebook or Twitter; it’d be the most productive day of my life, but I think I’d get bored within a few hours.

  9. Alicia Vázquez says:

    Internet is only a tool, is not bad or good it depends on how we use it.
    As you said social media has change lifestyle is incredible how fast travel the information, how relationships, business and people is making a lot of money from their house sit on a computer all of this things are built in this way since we use social medias, also we have the negative side for example If we abuse from the tool we waste time, we can get expose but is important to notice that in this cases the negative side doesn’t come from social media in any case is about us, is our problem when we abuse and expose ourselves on social media we make us vulnerable to suffer kidnapping, robbery and a lot of situations like this, just because we didn’t have limits as we talked in class, what we post on internet stay there forever, there are millions of way to download this information even if you had eliminated.
    From my personal point of view, since internet has become necessary in our lifes, I recommend to be aware of where you go on the net, what you post, what you said, because as easy as you can share this things, people can storage them. Use the tool for your benefit and not against, what you don’t do in your offline life, don’t do it on your online life because people in the whole world can reach it.

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